Badgewin & LMS Integration  

BadgeWin integrates with the different LMS that provides an ability to different educators for customizing, managing and awarding badges to the students based on their participated activities in LMS.


Do you want to encourage your students to maximize their learning from learning management system?

Do you think that students will learn more by discussing their queries on LMS? 

Increase learners engagement 

Ready to Use?

Creating challenges along the course journey

Bringing an interesting learning environment 

Improve knowledge absorption for students

Benefits of Digital Badges 

Case Study

We helped Auburn University, Alabama and 4-H Robotics Program to issue digital badges via their learning management system that inspired young people to develop early interest in Robotics Engineering

BadgeWin is one of the easiest and quickest platform that can be used by instructors or educators for awarding badges in their Learning environment. 

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BadgeWin is one of the quickest platform with an open source software that can be used by various communities in their different Learning environment. We provide the best way to acknowledge learners for their skills and achievements and at the same time encourages the life long learning process in the form of Digital Badges.

LMS & Badging

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